Neighbors raise concern over two Elkhorn intersections

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 5:48 PM CDT
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ELKHORN, Neb. (WOWT) - Drivers not stopping at stop signs has neighbors upset and worried that someone may be seriously injured or even killed.

Two intersections on Skyline Drive in Elkhorn, clearly marked as all-way stops, are being ignored by numerous drivers.

“If you’re that selfish and that inept and you don’t care about your kids, keep running stop signs.”

Scott Lollmann sees it every day, all day. Drivers running stop signs at two Elkhorn intersections.

Here at Skyline Drive and Harney, it’s a three-way stop. But not everyone follows the rules.

“Pictures speak louder than words.”

Lollmann says it’s time for drivers to stop blowing through stop signs.

“I would like for these adults to open up and actually see what they are doing and understand that I have a child too and why don’t we try to protect our children,” said Lollmann.

A 6 News cameraman ran continuously for six minutes on the intersection. During that time, 10 vehicles were captured running the stop sign.

Down the road at Pacific Street is much the same.

“Doing some landscaping down here and we’re working near the stop sign.”

Even with our camera close, drivers weren’t stopping.

Brian Riha of Riha Enterprises is concerned about the safety of his crew.

“People are just blowing through the stop sign, not stopping. I just want my guys safe,” said Riha.

“A car just didn’t even stop, just went right on through. It was so close,” said Deanna Busby-Rast.

Deanna Busby-Rast had a close call just yesterday. Deanna says she always takes an extra look at this intersection.

She says there’s another problem.

“He was speeding. So there’s no way that I would have come out of that intersection, he would not have hit my car. I could have been seriously hurt.”

More development in the area means more traffic. Neighbors are asking if flashing signs, speed bumps, or other traffic devices would stop the traffic woes along Skyline.

“Let’s get it before there’s a fatality because that might be your child, it might be mine.”

A spokesman with Omaha Public Works says the road is on their radar for speeders but the only additional thing that can be done for stop sign runners is enforcement.

Omaha Police says there have been crashes at the intersections that past seven years and officers have issued a combined 81 citations for speeding and drivers running stop signs during that time.

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