Omaha neighbors remain standing in tree danger

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Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 11:16 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The recent storm brought down many trees in the Omaha metro area. One homeowner says he saw the damage coming into his neighborhood.

A video from two years ago led Nate Robinson to predict the neighbor’s tree across the street would eventually come down. He’s half right after another big limb fell during the recent storm.

“There’s only half a tree standing and I’m afraid if someone comes up this hill, that tree is going to fall again and probably kill somebody,” said Robinson.

Already the Robinson’s low mileage 1998 Regal has been declared totaled by their insurance adjustor.

“Came right across the street and got me and it’s a shame that we can’t park where we want to park in our own driveway,” said Sharon Robinson.

The Robinson’s own insurance paid $2,200 for the car because the tree owner’s adjustor offered just $500, the maximum for the damage to property of other riders on his policy.

“Because he said God did it. An act of God. God knocked the tree down,” said the Robinson’s.

A letter from the neighbor’s insurance states the Allstate insured wasn’t responsible due to wind speed. But the city says he’s responsible for removing the rest of the tree on private property and there’s a three-month deadline.

That x is well placed. It’s right below two rotting holes that would cause concern for anyone who is walking or driving by. Though the sidewalk is a difficult path to take right now and not well lit at night, Nate says he’s not going out on a limb by calling it a dangerous tree.

“If you look at that, you probably want to walk across the street. That’s how bad it is, it’s a very frightening look,” he said.

The tree owner Jeff Carney says he didn’t know its condition and he’s thankful nobody got hurt. Carney says raising the money to cut down the 60-year-old silver maple won’t be easy and he’ll ask the city to extend the deadline.

So far, one estimate from a tree service is $6,000. As for damage to the neighbor’s car, he left that up to his insurance.

Allstate says to protect customer privacy, the company won’t comment on specific claims.

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