Car windows shattered by drive-by BB gun shooters in northwest Omaha

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 5:55 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Dozens of neighbors in northwest Omaha are looking for answers after their car windows were cracked or shattered by a serial BB-gun drive--by shooter.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office confirms that they’ve received at least 20 reports of the crime since Tuesday afternoon.

“Very frustrating,” says Jeremiah McFarland, who lives near 144th and State streets.

“I was confused, kind of angry,” says Nick Hagen, who lives near 156th and Ida streets.

Chief Deputy Wayne Hudson tells 6 News that reports have come in from neighbors who live between 132nd and 168th along State, Ida and Fort streets.

Amanda Manning caught a video of who they believe may be the suspects on her doorbell camera. If you listen close, you can hear three shots as the black SUV drives past three parked cars.

“You can hear them shoot at every single car parked on the street,” she says.

The next day, Manning found several BB pellets lying in the street.

However, the damaged to her car was more minimal compared to others, like Hagen.

“There was like six cars out here and they chose two of them and one happened to be mine,” he says.

Hagen’s driver’s side window was completely shattered, leaving him to pay hundreds.

“They’re charging $360 to get it replaced, we called insurance and they said due to it not being the windshield they don’t have to cover it, so it’s coming straight out of pocket.”

And McFarland is in the same boat.

“I started getting the estimates to fix that window, $900 to $1500.”

Almost every single car that was damaged was parked a long the street - not in driveways. Something that Mcfarland rarely does.

“Probably six times since 2009 have I, parked, you know, leave it on the street overnight.”

Hagen and McFarland, as well as others who spoke with 6 News in the area, say it’s very disappointing to see this happen in their quiet neighborhood.

“Your fun may be fun for you but it costs people a lot of money and I hope that if you see this you realize that karma’s going to come get ya,” Hagen says.

“Think about the impact of what you do and how its effecting people,” McFarland says. “It’s all fun and games lets go do this but we’re all working class people out here most of us don’t have $500 to $1000 dollars sitting around, it’s going to put a dent in a lot of people’s wallet.”

Anyone with any information, photos or videos is encouraged to file a report with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

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