Man arrested after allegedly crashing into mailboxes in Omaha neighborhood, attempt break-in

Published: Jul. 18, 2021 at 1:37 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A man is behind bars after wreaking havoc in an Omaha neighborhood Sunday morning. Police say after crashing into several mailboxes, he drove through a homeowner’s fence then tried breaking into their house.

A jeep plowed through a wooden fence and hit another fence in a Rockbrook neighborhood backyard before coming to a stop.

Police say the driver, Benjamin Novak, 36, then got out and tried breaking into the house. They also say a person in the house shot Novak and 6 News heard dispatch describe the 911 call.

“Caller on line says her husband shot somebody in the leg, medical expedite.”

An hour after the call, the scene was still active. A block away from the home, a neighbor says he woke up to officers at his front door.

“Police came about two o’clock this morning. We were sleeping, they knocked on our door and told us about the incident,” said neighbor Matthew Hagge.

Not only that but his mailbox was run over and pieces of it are still scattered on his front lawn.

“They did pretty good damage to it,” said Hagge.

Down the road, there were three other mailboxes smashed or damaged. Police say the suspect crashed into several mailboxes before ended up in someone’s yard and getting shot.

“Put two and two together, that the mailbox and shooting incident were linked,” said Hagge.

All of this happened about a block away from Shirley Street where Novak was arrested. Tire marks in the grass lead up to where the mailbox got snapped in half.

The house next door has a gaping hole in the ground where a mailbox once stood. It’s now sitting on their front porch.

All the neighbors say they didn’t hear anything happening overnight and were shocked to wake up to this.

“Didn’t really think anything big would be going on in our neighborhood,” said Hagge.

Police say Novak went to the hospital before being booked into jail. He faces several charges from attempted burglary and driving under the influence to reckless driving.

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