Omaha Tang Soo Do kicks away human trafficking

Omaha Tang Soo Do hosts its 3rd annual Kickathon
Published: Jul. 10, 2021 at 6:24 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Today these students have one important goal.

“It’s kick human trafficking out,” said Kathy Kemle.

Omaha Tang Soo Do hosts its third annual Kickathon. It’s a benefit fundraiser for the Coalition on Human Trafficking.

Everyone does a variation of kicks for one hour. To help determine how much money is raised, each kick is counted.

The impactful event helps the nonprofit continue its efforts to spread awareness and eliminate human trafficking.

“It allows us to create materials like our brochures. Every little bit goes towards helping us the coalition and its good work,” says Kathy.

The event not only helps raise money but also educates the kids in attendance.

“For the children, the parents can have a conversation with them about keeping themselves safe and being aware,” said Kathy.

Children like Riley were glad she was able to help make a difference.

“Because I know that I am spreading good and happiness around the world,” said Riley Chamberlin.

Although kicking for one straight hour isn’t an easy feat, Chief Instructor Doug Lewis says it’s all worth it.

“Once they get fired up and they lose the sense that maybe there is a camera on them, maybe people are watching. We have people counting. They just lose their sense of that and put their heart into it and their yelling and screaming and having fun for a good cause,” said Doug Lewis.

Mr. Lewis asks everyone to do their part in some way to help fight against human trafficking.

“We ask people to do a little bit for their community. We can’t do it all but if maybe we do a little bit, someone else will see we’re doing a little bit and maybe they’ll do a little bit for their community as well,” said Lewis.

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