Boil advisory issued for Carter Lake residents

Updated: May. 26, 2021 at 2:59 PM CDT
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CARTER LAKE, Iowa (WOWT) - Water at Carter Lake was shut down Wednesday morning due to an emergency, and the city recommends residents boil water before drinking it until further notice.

Once water service resumes, a boil water advisory will be in place for homes on the north side of Locust Street, according a news release from the city.

Officials advise using bottled water, or bringing water to a boil for a minute — in order to kill bacteria and other organisms that may be in the water — before letting it cool for use. The water is OK to use for bathing.

Once water services are restored, the release states, residents should let water run for a bit from a slowly opened open faucet — one that doesn’t have any sort of aerator screen — before using as normal. City officials note in the release that the water may be cloudy or discolored at first, but “should clear fairly quickly.”

“If water is cloudy or colored throughout the house and it does not clear after allowing the water to run for several minutes, use an alternative source such as bottled water,” the release states.

The city also recommends residents sign up for Pottawattamie County emergency alerts online.

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