Omaha City Council unanimously votes for scooters

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 2:36 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Just hours ago, Omaha City Council voted unanimously to keep both Spin and Lime scooters in the city.

The council had a discussion last week and the public voiced on whether to bring scooters back.

We can expect to see scooters on the streets once again. City council making the decision to keep them long-term.

Both Lime and Spin scooters will be back after a pilot program.

On Tuesday, Omaha City Council voted unanimously to keep both for one year with the option to extend it another four later on.

“Lime is very excited to be returning to the city of Omaha. This is the perfect time for Lime to be able to partner with the city as the city reopens safely and people are returning to work and play,” said Lee Foley, Lime Scooters.

More changes could be on the way when it comes to parking scooters.

Spin plans to add hubs throughout the city. That would give people a designated spot to park scooters and pay for them.

Lime won’t have those hubs around town but they will have a spot on their app that tells customers where exactly they can drop scooters off.

Something else we can expect, lime says they will be offering half off all rides that start in North Omaha. The goal is to make affordable transportation available everywhere.

“Lime cares deeply about making sure that people who need the transportation options will have them. Scooters are not just for recreation but part of people’s daily communicating options,” said foley.

One of the top concerns for some City Council members has been rules for riders on bike trails.

“Scooters may be ridden in city parks or on public trials but only as allowed for by the city and in strict compliance with approved rules and regulations with the city of Omaha’s parks and recreation dept,” said Brinker Harding, Omaha City Council.

Those rules are not ready just yet. The council says they will look at those at a later date to determine if scooters will be allowed on bike trails.

We will see scooters back out on the streets next month just in time for CWS and the swim trials.

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