Leah Robinson runs her way up the national track rankings

Updated: May. 23, 2021 at 5:54 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - 2020 was a tough year for kids who were forced to take a break from their usual routines.

Many couldn’t see friends or play sports for weeks.

Leah Robinson was one of those kids.

“I walked in her room and she was crying, and I asked her ‘What’s wrong?’ and her response was ‘I don’t know,’” Leah’s mom Natasha Robinson said. “But I did. I t was the pandemic. It was no school, no sports, no activities. She went from super active to not active without an end in sight.”

Robinson, who has run half marathons for roughly 15 years, invited her daughter to join her for her usual run around the trail at Zorinsky lake.

Running quickly became a fun, competitive activity that the mother and daughter bonded over.

“There wasn’t really anything to do. I just liked going outside and just listening to music and running. Not thinking, just running,” Leah said.

Natasha Robinson recalled how hard it became to keep up with Leah because of how fast she was.

As someone who loves competing, Leah joined her middle school’s track team.

She runs several distances, but has found great success in the 1600, which equals out to one mile.

Leah’s personal record is 5:35.

That mark landed Leah on’s rankings.

She’s currently at 83rd nationally, but for middle schoolers she has the second fastest mile in the country and is the top runner in Nebraska.

“[It] Feels really good. I just like competing, like, when people are in front of me it just pushes me to get better and get in front of them,” Leah said.

Leah is enjoying running and thinks it’ll help her be better at the other sports she plays.

She’s not sure what her future in track looks like, but she’s motivated to get even faster and set lower times.

There’s no telling how far she’ll go

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