Cold Case: Jasmine Harris’ killer still free three years later

Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 10:57 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It has been nearly three years since Jasmine Harris was shot and killed in the Old Market. To this day – her killer walks free. The case has since gone cold, but Jasmine’s family still has faith that someone will come forward with new information and put Jasmine’s killer behind bars.

When Jasmine Harris was a little girl, her mother, Cydney, would take her to the Taste of Omaha food festival, every year, to get a funnel cake. Cydney said, “She loved funnel cakes with the white sugar on it. That was it. She didn’t want no toppings, no nothing.”

So, when Jasmine’s friend invited her to go to that same festival, on June 2, 2018, Jasmine had one thing on her mind. “She was down there that night – getting one,” said Cydney.

It was a busy weekend in the metro. The Taste of Omaha was going on and the College World Series was back in town. Jasmine’s aunt, Mandy Harris, said Jasmine was never really one to venture out as she was more of a homebody. But that night, Jasmine went out. She got her funnel cake and was hanging out with friends in the old market downtown.

Just before midnight, Jasmine called her older sister, Vanessa Harris, to tell her she was headed home. Cydney recalls receiving the worst phone call of her life: “I was at home and her sister Vanessa calls and she says, ‘Jasmine was shot,’” Cydney cried. “And I’m like, ‘Where was she at? What do you mean she was shot?’”

As Jasmine’s family raced to the hospital, police set up a perimeter and began investigating. “While she was there just having a good time with her friends, two rival gangs happened to make contact with each other and started shooting,” said Detective Sherry King, Omaha Police Department.

Multiple people were shot. Jasmine, an innocent bystander, got caught in the crossfire. “We drove up to University and we were there for hours, hours,” said Mandy. “And so, it wasn’t until like 3 or 4 in the morning, almost 4am, when they told her Jasmine was dead.”

Beautiful, vivacious, with a smile that could light up any room. At just 20-years-old, Jasmine’s life was cut short. Mandy says their lives have never been the same. “She was a very loving person, a friendly person. she had lots of friends. she loved to help people. she used to want to make everybody beautiful,” Cydney said.

Jasmine was ready to turn that desire to help into a career. She was set to start cosmetology school in the fall of 2018. “She was innocent,” said Cheyenne Harris, Jasmine’s sister. “And didn’t deserve to lose her life.” A life lost to gang violence – a kind of life Jasmine never knew. “My niece loved her life,” Mandy says. “He didn’t grow up in that manner of these people who took her life.”

Police believe they know who pulled the trigger that night, but Detective King needs a witness to come forward to bring charges. “We weren’t there when it happened. They can tell us the information or possibly the evidence,” said King. “If anyone knows where the gun is at that was used, we can follow up with that and that would be very helpful.”

Jasmine’s family also believes they know who killed jasmine. Jasmine’s sister, Cheyenne Harris, has a message for Jasmine’s killer: “The police know who you are. I have a pretty good idea about who you are, and I know your life is not going right,” she said. “I know karma is eating you up. I know stuff is happening in your family that is because of my sister not being here. We haven’t caught you yet, but, karma has.”

And Jasmine’s family is ready for karma to bring them justice. “That’s all I want,” cried Cydney. “Is justice for my baby. That’s all I want.”

If you were in the Old Market on the night of June 2, 2018, and you saw something that could help put jasmine’s killer away, police urge you to contact CrimeStoppers. That number is (402) 444-7867.

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