Restaurants in the Omaha metro keep app ordering local

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Updated: May. 8, 2021 at 6:07 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Omaha metro restaurants that are normally competitors are working together to order take-out or delivery.

It’s something Clay Seaman wanted to start because the national foodservice apps were eating into the restaurant’s profits.

“The restaurants can’t afford to pay out these high commissions to these national delivery services. The customers are paying a lot, the restaurants are paying a lot, and nobody is really getting anything out of it and the money is leaving our area and it’s not staying in Omaha,” said Seaman.

But with Omaha LoCo, they’ve been able to help the restaurants in the area and separate themselves from the others.

There is no extra fee for customers, other than a small delivery fee. The price you see on the menu of the app is what you’ll be paying for.

“You can walk into Rathskeller and buy a hamburger for whatever price, and then with LoCo coming in, offering a cheaper and better alternative delivery fee, it really gave everyone the same fighting chance,” said Meirr.

The app has benefited places like Noli’s Pizzeria.

“We went from LoCo calling us and immediately jumping on it, to within a couple of months, we’ve got 3,400 orders already. It’s every 20 minutes, ding ding ding. An order popping in,” said Meirr.

Even though the restaurants are competitors, all that goes under the rug when it comes to keeping them alive. Meirr and Seaman say even after the pandemic, people should still use the app and shop locally.

“If you’re supporting your neighbor, they can support their neighbor, and then they can support mom and pop across the street and they can support co-op across the way. If we’re all helping each other, will all get to the top,” said Meirr.

“Buy local, with LoCo,” said Seaman.

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