Do Good Week encourages Omaha metro community to support non-profits

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 1:25 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - SHARE Omaha’s Do Good Week is underway across the Omaha metro.

It’s an opportunity for people to make a difference in the community by supporting non-profit organizations financially, but to also help build up their donor base, fulfill organization’s wish lists, and boost their volunteer corps.

Every day of Do Good Week has a different theme dedicated to meeting community needs. Monday was Mission Monday when people were encouraged to think about the causes that matter to them, and how they can address the needs related to those matters. The rest of the week includes Donor Tuesday, Wish List Wednesday, Volun-Thursday, Fund It Friday, and Celebration Saturday.

As part of Mission Monday, Sarah Johnson with Mode Shift Omaha was clearing a bike path of leaves and debris. She says the work was needed, but she also hoped it would raise awareness about all the good that’s happening across the community with non-profit organizations.

“Different nonprofits have something they’re really passionate about, so I really appreciate all the care we put into our community during Do Good Week,” said Johnson.

Despite the snow, these Mode Shifters were doing good for SHARE Omaha Do Good Week! We swept a lot of glass and debris...

Posted by Mode Shift Omaha on Monday, April 19, 2021

Mode Shift Omaha planned on doing several cleanup events across the area throughout the day,

“We’re specifically trying to raise awareness around Mode Shift Omaha, transportation equity non-profits. So today we’re around the community doing good on our own and we’re also making a big push for new membership and donations, of course, because this is replacing what was our big fundraiser so we’re hoping to make the most out of this week,” said Johnson.

Marjorie Maas with SHARE Omaha says non-profits are the glue that holds the community together, and now they need the community’s support after the 2020 pandemic forced the cancellation of events and fundraisers.

She says Do Good Week can help make up some of the losses.

“The non-profits have had a year. They’ve either been on the front lines and have been stressed to the max, or they’re stressed because they haven’t been able to connect with their clientele and their public in the way they’re used to, so they’ve had to pivot and find new ways to engage so our community feels as vibrant as it always has,” said Maas. “And we want non-profits to feel a benefit in the ways that matter most to them, and of course cash matters but they need items and they do need new volunteers and they want to engage in ways that people feel motivated to start relationships with them. That’s the benefit to non-profits, they’re hopefully going to grow their list of supporters this week.”

Partnership 4 Kids is an organization that’s hoping Do Good Week will bring in more volunteers to help support the more than 3,100 students they serve.

The non-profit’s vision is to build a better community by inspiring hope, engaging minds, and launching futures through goal setting, mentoring, college and careers.

“We need volunteers, we need them in short periods of time and as mentors because those are the positive role models that can change the trajectory of a child,” said Deb Denbeck, the organization’s president and CEO.

Denbeck also hopes Do Good Week will spread awareness about the organization’s work in the community.

“We’re really trying to create that diverse workforce that will stay here in Omaha. So really awareness is great. We have a great list on our Amazon wish list, everything from elementary games all the way up backpacks for our college students,” she said.

Marjorie Maas says when non-profits get the support they need, the whole community can enjoy the rewards.

“Non-profits address creative and innovative ways of meeting needs of the public, and when nonprofits are thriving, the good that happens for those in need, for those interested in culture, history, the environment, animals, families, and kids, there’s so many dynamics - it’s that old adage that all ships rise when non-profits are supported.”

“Non-profits are the gap-fillers of everything. We’re the support system of so many - food, clothing, education, mental health - all those areas we fill those gaps, so it’s critical to get all of us back on our feet, help the community get back on their feet. It’s critical for all of us to come together and do good,” said Deb Denbeck. “Do Good Week is critical for not only Partnership 4 Kids, but for every non-profit out there. It’s been a tough, tough year.”

For more information about Do Good Week, and for a full list of non-profit organizations that you can help, just head to SHARE Omaha’s website.

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