Papio NRD will help complete Cunningham Lake trail

Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 3:46 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Another organization is now involved in improvements of the Lake Cunningham Recreation area, officials are hoping to have the park open around the fourth of July.

The Papio Missouri River NRD cost sharing will help with the cost of the trail system around Lake Cunningham. The NRD will chip in $200,000 to help with that part of the project.

“The lake access to the lake will be completely all around the lake, 360 degrees all around the lake, the trail. So this is very exciting and we wanted to make sure 100 % that the public would be able to go everywhere around the lake. Before the trail wasn’t quite as developed and it was a deterrent for people who might have wanted to walk on the eastern side of the lake,” said Dr. Larry Bradley, Papio NRD.

NRD officials say they will also help with the cost of facilities around the lake like sheds and restrooms. Dr. Bradley is the Director of Subdistrict number three of the Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District Board.

“It’s good to have a good working relationship with NRD director, the council members of the city council. It’s very important, it helps get these projects moved forward,” said Dr. Bradley.

Dr. Bradley says the Papio NRD will also chip in more than $46,000 to help with facilities around the lake. The Papio NRD subdistrict three is now working with the city of Omaha and the Lake Cunningham Development Trust.

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