Congressman Bacon gets COVID-19 vaccination in Millard

Published: Apr. 9, 2021 at 4:23 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Rep. Don Bacon, who recently revealed he almost certainly had COVID-19 in late November, received his first Pfizer vaccination Friday afternoon in Millard.

The Republican Congressman got his vaccine at the testing and vaccination clinic located at the former Super Saver location on 144th Street in Millard.

“I didn’t even feel it,” he said.

Rep. Don Bacon, the Republican Congressman for Nebraska's 2nd District, received his first dose...
Rep. Don Bacon, the Republican Congressman for Nebraska's 2nd District, received his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination on Friday, April 9, 2021, in Millard.

Bacon said he wanted to get his first vaccine shot in front of cameras to encourage others to get vaccinated.

“Those who are worried about getting a shot, I’d like to advocate for folks getting a vaccine,” he said. “We have a lot of folks who are nervous about it.”

Bacon said he had researched the vaccine, and that adding that all the testing was done — “nothing was skipped.” Rather, he said, all the red tape was removed, but the vaccines were vetted, including testing of the time periods between vaccinations.

“We should have confidence that they work well. ... This is how we’re going to defeat COVID,” he said.

Bacon said his doctor in Washington, D.C., advised that — because the Congressman had had COVID-19 in late November — he should wait 90 days before getting his vaccination. Bacon said he waited a little longer than that in order to find a suitable 22-day stretch of time.

Though he was never tested for COVID-19, the Congressman said he was certain he had it the week after Thanksgiving as his family started noticing symptoms.

“We didn’t know that we had it, initially,” he said, but his doctor did treat him as though he was COVID-positive.

Bacon said he lost some sense of smell — the tell-tale sign for him— and had other symptoms, like a thickness in his lungs. He also said he had a complication that exacerbated a pre-existing condition he had developed following a train accident; that and, he believes, having COVID-19 has affected his voice.

He said he didn’t reveal that he had COVID-19 at the time — it was only recently reported — because he was concerned about the privacy of his family. He said two of four family members tested positive for COVID-19 in late November, but that all four were sick.

“My family has a right to some privacy, and I’ve seen what happens — it’s such a politicized environment,” Bacon said, noting he was attacked for lying.

“I was always honest. I quarantined. I did exactly what the doctor said,” he said.

The Congressman said on Dec. 2 — six days after Thanksgiving — that he was in quarantine after being exposed to the virus the week prior but was cleared to return to Washington if there were any votes scheduled. He said he missed four or five Congressional votes in D.C., he said, but went back to the Capitol as soon as he could, staying in contact with his doctor while he was ill.

He was back on the House floor by Dec. 8, and hosted a Zoom briefing with reporters on several legislative actions on Dec. 10. Bacon’s voting record also shows he cast a vote in D.C. on Dec. 18.

Bacon said he’s supportive of vaccinations — and has had several — and isn’t worried too much about any of the potential side effects. He said he’s still running five miles a day. He also said that “generally yes,” testing for COVID-19 is adviseable.

Watch the post-vaccine interview with Rep. Bacon

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