Omaha roofing company folds, leaving some customers out thousands of dollars

Xcel Roofing owner says announcement coming soon about bank-assisted program to make things right
Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 11:23 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A rainy day is not the best time to hear a roofing company has shut down. But 6 News has learned that a major Omaha contractor suddenly stopped working, and many customers may not know that yet.

The online business motto for Xcel Roofing is “love our roof,” but customers with work to be done don’t like how one local company left them after suddenly closing.

“I had a $9,000 deposit and no materials ever delivered no labor ever done on my house. I’ve still got a roof that’s leaking,” said Missouri customer Chase Mills.

Xcel Roofing has customers in other states, but it’s based in Omaha, where the Better Business Bureau was alerted.

“They responded to our call,” said Jim Hegarty. “I’ve been in contact with the owner today. ... I think that’s a very good sign for customers.”

Through an attorney, Jim Harding, an owner of Xcel Roofing, sent a statement that the company suffered a very tough 2020, saying in part: “We are not bad people. We just had our business fail.”

While there are still many questions about the business status of Xcel Roofing that need to be nailed down, a roofing material supplier did file a lawsuit against the company for $432,000.

The Roof Depot alleges that’s the price of delivered materials Xcel Roofing totally failed to pay. Under another business name, Xcel took out eight roof or siding permits with the City of Omaha in 2021 and possibly hundreds more in the past five years.

“They have expressed a sincere interest in taking care of all of their existing customers, so that’s our goal, and that’s what we’re hoping will be the outcome of this,” BBB’s Hegarty said.

In Springfield, Mo., Xcel customers like Mills are hitting the roof.

“A supplier informed me when I called about my in-laws’ letter that they had sent out 73 notices to homeowners about nonpayment for Xcel Roofing,” he said.

Siding in the back of a parked pickup is an indication of work still to be done, but an Xcel owner says an announcement is coming soon about a bank-assisted program to make things right. He asks that customers be patient, but Mills says his patience with the roofer has reached its ceiling.

“I’m not going to hold my breath,” he said. “I’m not going to wait on them. My roof is leaking, so I need a new roof.”

Read Harding’s full statement here:

“On behalf of Xcel Roofing we deeply regret what was a very difficult decision for us to make. The company suffered through a very tough 2020. We tried everything we possibly could to keep the business open and our employees employed. We are not bad people, we just had our business fail. There was never any ill intent. We are working with our bank to put together a program to take care of our customers. We will make an announcement about the program very soon and look forward to making things right as they should be. Please be patient with us as we progress.”

Jim Harding, Xcel Roofing

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