Nebraska organizations respond to new executive orders on gun violence

Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 6:46 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - President Biden laid out his actions against gun violence just hours after a mass shooting in South Carolina and weeks after tragic mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado.

“You probably didn’t hear but between those two incidents, less than one week apart there were more than 850 additional shootings.”

The president says he wants to see serial numbers and background checks on “ghost guns” — guns built at home from parts bought online.

Those who support the president’s executive orders say these changes are laying the groundwork for a safer nation. Those who oppose say these steps won’t do much to solve the issue of gun violence in this country.

Nebraskans Against Gun Violence say they support the move.

“100% we are behind registration. We are behind the laws that are going to reduce any gun violence in our country,” said Babs Ramsey, Nebraskans Against Gun Violence.

The president is also urging the department of justice to create an example of a “red flag law” that states could pass.

Families or police would be able to request courts to temporarily remove guns from those deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Some groups say that could prevent tragedies.

“We are very ecstatic about that because we are in favor of disarming anyone that could cause harm to themselves or other people,” said Ramsey.

Others say it infringes on their rights.

“The standard of evidence is extremely low. You need very little evidence to show a judge that the person might be a potential threat to you or others,” said Patricia Harrold, president of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association.

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