Nebraska officers honor the life of Colorado officer killed in grocery store shooting

Published: Mar. 30, 2021 at 5:13 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -Numerous Omaha-metro law enforcement agencies came together to honor the life of Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley.

“It’s one of the longest processions I think we’ve ever seen,” Said OPD Officer Jordan Jacobs.

A sea of red and blues stretching for miles and agencies near and far showing up to Colorado to honor the life of Officer Talley. He was the first officer to respond to a mass shooting in a Boulder grocery store last week where 10 people died.

“When given the chance to help others Eric did so selflessly and without hesitation. The Boulder Police Department will never forget Eric or his family’s sacrifice,” said Chief Maris Herold, Boulder Police Dept.

OPD, Bellevue PD, Papillion PD, La Vista PD, Sarpy, and Douglas counties all sent law enforcement officers to honor a man who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“The line of cruisers alone had to be well over a mile honestly. Maybe even closer to a mile and a half. Police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances just from all over,” said Jacobs.

Boulder Police officer Eric Talley laid to rest-5 p.m.
Boulder Police officer Eric Talley laid to rest-5 p.m.

Omaha Police Officer Jordan Jacobs was just one of the local officers who made the trip to Colorado. She says trips like this are becoming an all too often occurrence for the honor guard.

“Unfortunately there are several of us who have been out to Colorado gosh, probably five to six times over the last four to five years.”

Officer Jordan says it means so much to see so many law enforcement officers come together to give this hero the goodbye he deserves.

“It really is a brotherhood and a sisterhood.”

Officer Jacobs says this is the second funeral she has attended in five years where a Colorado officer has died in a mass shooting.

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