Supporters buy billboards to thank law enforcement

Published: Mar. 28, 2021 at 11:19 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Nebraska (WOWT) - At first, it was unclear who bought the billboard along West Broadway in Council Bluffs when it went up in November.

It read: “Thank you, law enforcement. Paid for by your law-abiding citizens.”

Then, somebody bought a second billboard with the same message in downtown Omaha, a few blocks south of 13th and Pacific streets.

“I’m just a citizen, I drive a truck for a living,” Thomas Liston said.

Thomas and Sally Liston let their billboards do the talking, until now. He says he got the idea after seeing other similar billboards while driving through South Dakota.

“I guess I can’t explain it,” Thomas said. “I just felt compelled. I got a lot of time to think while driving a truck.”

Thomas says the same message for first responders will go up along 13th Street later this week.

The Listons say they—and a few other supporters who donated online—are the only ones behind it.

“I support what they do and they’re always there when we need them,” Sally Liston said.

Supporting police has become a sensitive topic, but it didn’t stop them from putting another one in west Omaha. Thomas says another is supposed to go up near 134th and Q streets, which is intended to look over the southwest Omaha Police precinct.

“It’s okay that a lot of it’s my own money,” Thomas said. “Don’t bother me a bit.”

Thomas says he’s never worked in law enforcement, but he’s thankful for those who have. That’s why this truck driver says the money is worth spending.

“That’s a tough job and we all appreciate it.”

The third billboard out west is expected to be up sometime in April.

The family says it’s their way of showing support.

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