Omaha drivers and city workers battle with potholes

Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 4:25 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Every year it’s a battle of potholes popping up everywhere.

“It was filled with water from all the melting snow so we couldn’t see it and apparently was also big enough that once we did hit it, it popped our tire,” said Orsi.

Joshua Orsi and Bosie Rand found this pothole on south Saddle Creek the same way several others did by hitting it.

“Another guy pulls in and it turns out his tire has also been popped from the pothole so he ended up helping him change his tire. Another woman pulled in while we were waiting and her alignment was kind of messed up but tires had not been popped,” said Rand.

“It’s a perennial every year we have a chuckle in that exact same spot,” said Dave.

Dave Hamer feels his pothole problems all day and night.

“Every time a car hit it which is often, it would actually jar of the house I could actually feel the house take the shock.”

City crews have worked 12 hour days and weekends to address the issue using cold patch to fill the potholes in the street.

“Everyone wants to know how much is the time for a pothole. Well, it depends on the pothole. A pothole at 72nd and Dodge is got 100,000 cars hitting it a day at 45 miles an hour has a higher priority but if we are getting gazillions of calls on our major street and at work, we’ve got to fill major potholes on the arterial streets first,” said Omaha’s city engineer, Todd Pfitzer.

He says we need to report potholes to the mayor’s hotline. A work order is drafted and crews tackle the potholes as quickly as they can.

Pfitzer says a few years ago there were 1,000 open work orders compared to this week which is around 100.

Dave Hamer’s pothole was fixed within a week.

“I’m surprised they got here so fast but thank you, thank you sweet department. I appreciate that,” said Dave.

Pfitzer also warns the cold patch is a temporary fix and crews will soon be switching to asphalt.

“The asphalt is more of a permanent solution once we get that in and tamp that down and it stays then we should be good till next year,” said Pfitzer.

Todd Pfitzer says the asphalt plant went online earlier this week and crews will go back over areas where they used cold patch and redo them with asphalt.

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