Cables sagging into backyard worries Omaha homeowner

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 5:10 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A homeowner has been dealing with an unusual nuisance for a long time. It’s not only made his backyard less enjoyable, but also hazardous.

After numerous phone calls with no response, he contacted 6 On Your Side for help.

When the time comes to mow the yard, Greg Leger said he’ll need to perform a low-wire act.

“You just got to keep lifting over your head and get around it,” he said. “How many times you go back and forth — you got to lift it over your head because it runs the entire length.”

And the lines still have a connection above.

Leger said he’s not only cautious about taking the lines down because of his own safety but also the effect on the neighborhood as the lines are connected to other wires.

Omaha Public Power District and CenturyLink sent employees out and both said the cables belong to Cox Communications. Leger dropped his Cox services a few years ago, so the lines are dead.

“Oh, ‘We’ll send someone out. We’ll send someone out. We’ll send someone out.’ And they never did,” Leger said.

6 On Your Side connected Leger with a Cox technician.

“I’m going to get those removed for you today, OK?” the technician said.

Cox said safety is a top priority, so customers are advised to stay away from any downed lines, even if the wire is for cable services. The pair of wires ran toward a power pole, so removal is best left to a professional.

“I can use the backyard now without having to worry about that line anymore,” Leger said.

He said with the cables gone from his backyard, he’s not as wound up about waiting so long.

“I’ve tried for years to get done what you did in one day,” he said.

A Cox spokeswoman said customer experience is also a top priority, even in this case where the homeowner hasn’t been a customer for some time. Cox has a chat connection online to ask questions or pass on concerns.

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