Nemaha County works to get caught up on COVID-19 vaccinations

A coupe of delayed shipments, and one non-shipment have slowed the vaccine rollout
Published: Mar. 3, 2021 at 10:42 PM CST
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AUBURN, Neb. (WOWT) - A massive effort is underway in Nemaha County to get caught up with the COVID vaccine; as reported last week vaccinations have been delayed three times so far because of slow or no shipments at all.

“It was like finally we got the call. I was getting a little worried,” said Barbara Jones, referring to the call she and her husband received from Nemaha County Hospital scheduling their first shot of the COVID vaccine. “Were really relieved last week when we got the call to come in this week and get it,” said Larry Jones.

A couple of delayed shipments and one non-shipment have slowed the vaccine rollout in Nemaha County.

“This is the week that we are playing catch-up,” said Susi VonBergen, Chief Operating Officer, Nemaha County Hospital, noting they’re tapping all their resources to get the delayed shots administered. “We’ve added a couple of people for registration where they fill out their paper and we’ve added a couple of escorts - people that are moving them from point A to point B.”

Staff often playing two roles as they work to keep things running safely and smoothly. The physical space also taking on more than one duty. “We have a designated area in our classroom,” said VonBergen. “One side is the people waiting to be vaccinated the other side of the room is the people who have already been vaccinated and in observation.

No matter on what side of the room they sit, those getting the shots were just grateful to be there.

“I’ve been sitting at home for almost a year,” said Herbert Rinkleff, now one step closer to being fully vaccinated.

Others noting they’re looking forward to being close to family.

“I get to be around my grandson, but you have to wear a mask, you can’t be close,” said Victoria Vickers. “It’s hard not to have the family dinners and stuff -- that’s the big thing,” Victoria Vickers said.

Nemaha County Hospital plans to administer nearly 400 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine — a combination of first and second shots — this week to people 65 and older.

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