Omaha drivers have concerns on potholes after heavy snow

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 3:02 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Hidden under the snow-covered roads the potholes are shaking up many Omaha drivers.

City officials say they have been fighting the pothole battle year-round and the wet streets caused by the snow isn’t helping at all.

Omaha city crews never stop working to fill potholes. They’re even out today dropping in temporary cold patch material trying to make the streets safer.

Todd Pfitzer, Omaha’s City Engineer, said, “This time of year, until we can get the hot patch, the hot asphalt, our hands are a little bit tied but we’re out there doing it because the holes are starting to show up.”

Many drivers don’t even see some of the big ones coming. Some of the potholes are hiding under pools of water.

The monster crater in the outside lanes as you head south on Saddlecreek near Nebraska Medicine’s Durham Center was hiding under snow melt that flowed onto the street.

Joe Savoie was one of many drivers who could not avoid the deep pothole. Joe hit the pothole so hard, he had to stop and check his tires.

“Oh man, I wasn’t expecting it. I saw the puddle of water and I knew I should go around it but I didn’t see what was in the other lane or anything so I just hit it. It was big, I was worried about my rims,” said Joe.

City officials say wet roads add to the issues that slow the pothole fix. They say last year, Omaha voters helped find a solution to the issue by voting in the five-year $200 million transportation bond that will provide long-term funding to resurface and repair city streets.

“The bond issue passed, we’ve already spent $20, $30 million on improving streets from a year ago with that bond money. That’s the best thing we can do for potholes is to get the streets fixed and we’ve got a good start on that thanks to the taxpayer’s decision there,” said Pfitzer.

Getting city streets repaired properly will take time but city officials tell 6 News that better days on the roads are coming.

“As the mayor indicated this didn’t happen overnight, we didn’t get behind overnight and we’re not going to climb out of it overnight but this bond issue money is going to make a huge difference in our roads no question,” said Pfitzer.

The 6 News crew did report that huge pothole on Saddlecreek road to the city.

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