Lincoln non-profit gives out feminine products to women in need

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 7:02 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) - An organization based out of Lincoln has made it a mission to distribute feminine products to women in need.

Many everyday items are donated to people in need but what seems to fly under the radar is feminine products.

“We just know this is such an under donated item,” said Tosha Benes, Co-founder of Tower of Tampons.

That’s why the non-profit group, Tower of Tampons, is at the checkout line purchasing an abundance of products.

It’s a non-profit that collects donations off people’s doorsteps and collects donated money through Venmo.

“We started Tower of Tampons five years ago as a Lent project just to raise feminine hygiene products in the community,” said Tosha.

Allison Luth, Co-founder of Tower of Tampons, said, “They’re a very expensive necessity that is taxed so we just like to take the burden off organizations.”

The non-profit organization donates to numerous locations throughout Lincoln and surrounding small towns like women centers, drug and alcohol facilities, and much more.

“Middle schools and high schools are not stocked with enough pads and tampons through the year so they run out and we provide pads and tampons for them,” said Allison.

“In the school systems, we can alleviate the budget in health offices and they can provide the students with something else,” said Tosha.

Although many of the places they donate are in Lincoln, they also give their time to small towns and their schools.

“I think when people are in Lincoln, they tend to donate more to the Lincoln area schools or organizations and then we tend to forget about the outside smaller communities. Like you said, don’t have as much resources. We’re both from a small town community so we can stretch out our sources to the Lincoln city limits,” said Tosha.

Tower of Tampons was donated $700 on their first day when Lent started this month. That’s a record in its five-year history. Allison and Tosha were overwhelmed with joy.

“When we’re able to take these products in, it’s just so emotional. They’re so very grateful. I wish the people who donated could see the impact they’re making,” said Tosha.

They will be taking donations all through the 40 days of Lent.

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