Good Samaritans step up for senior couple with broken water heater

Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 6:23 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The government stimulus money is months past due for an Iowa couple who badly need an expensive home repair.

While desperate to retrieve stimulus payments sent to the wrong person, Mike Carr and his wife Deb feel like the government is giving them the cold shoulder.

Michael Carr said, “The hot water heater doesn’t heat like it should and so we run out of hot water.”

The Carrs are getting money to replace their failing water heater not from big government but a big family.

Bev Baker, a good samaritan said, “There are nine of us siblings, so we all went in on it.”

Nine hundred dollars collected that Bev Baker says will buy the senior couple a new water heater.

“These people sounded like they needed some help and in this cold couple of days here who in the heck wants cold water,” said Baker.

And to help even more the Carrs say another stranger is sending $500.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, of our hearts,” said Deb.

Other seniors are also saying they’re still in financial hot water waiting on a stimulus check.

Susan Skorka says she’s emotionally spent.

“Everybody else has got it so it’s like I keep thinking I should have got it too. And like I said I feel lesser of a person because I didn’t,” said Skorka.

Complaints have reached Congressman Don Bacon’s office.

Danielle Jensen, the communications director said, “We have had some and it’s something we will keep track of and if we need to if we get more cases certainly look into and see what can be done to fix the situation and get the IRS moving.”

But unable to wait any longer on government relief the Carrs are thankful their story stimulated strangers to pay for a new water heater and installation.

“When the government wouldn’t come forward you did, and we appreciate it so much.”

Congressman Don Bacon’s staff suggests dialing 211 on your phone to get help from a group specializing in income tax credits. Constituents waiting on stimulus checks can also call congressman Bacon’s district office.

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