Omaha homeowner with knee condtion blames the city for leftover trash pickup

Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 7:09 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - When an eyesore popped in a Midtown Omaha neighborhood, the homeowner says it’s not her fault. She blamed the city and its trash hauler.

Homeowner, Susan Contreras, says trash pickup behind her house is needed.

“I have to have knee surgery, said Contreras. I can’t even bend it, see it cracking.” Susan’s doctors sent a note verifying her condition to Omaha’s Solid Waste program.

“I can’t make it down the alley to the front there,” said Contreras. The city sent a letter back accepting special waste pickup.

Susan with a bum knee would have to push her full bin down 150 feet to curbside and when empty back up the hill. That’s why she needs her trash collected behind her house.

But since getting approval, Susan says her backyard trash wasn’t picked up for five weeks.

“Yeah I need this picked up, said Susan. It’s just snowballing.”

Based on one complaint from her recorded by the Mayor’s Hotline Jan. 14 I could verify the last two collection days missed by the city’s trash hauler.

“I don’t want my neighborhood to look this way, it’s embarrassing, said Susan. I realize they’ve been busy and it’s a new situation, but I need this picked up.”

Omaha’s trash hauler, FCC Environmental, has about 6,800 special collections away from the curb.

Recovering from hip surgery, Carol Boruch says after only one missed week, her garage door pickup has been on schedule.

Boruch said, “Yeah it’s great service, it’s really good. I have no problems with it. Now if it keeps up like this, I’m ok.”

Back behind Susan’s house Thursday morning, her trash is picked up just a few hours after I contacted the city and its trash collector.

“It looks nice and clean now, said Susan. I hope they keep coming.”

The special collections crew of two even took trash Susan had to pile outside the city bin. She says that’s the least they could do for being past due on collections.

The General Manager of FCC Environmental Services says the increase to almost 7,000 special collection stops means they had to adjust routing and add a route. But he says there’s been a significant decrease in the number of service issues and complaints.

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