Veteran frustrated after mobile home delivered with utility issues

Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 4:11 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A disabled Nebraska veteran has a purchased new home, but he can’t move in. That’s because he’s stuck with an unusual problem.

From airman to postman, Harold Fratt was a public servant for 27 years until a stroke forced him to seek a more pleasant lifestyle.

Harold Fratt said, “I’m looking for small-town living.”

Harold chose Craig, Nebraska, and bought a home that he brought with him.

“It smells new, it smells good,” said Fratt.

But the delivery of his manufactured home got off track.

The two sets of wheels for the mobile home are supposed to straddle the center opening where all the utilities have been run. Instead, the wheels on this side have slipped inside making this mobile home unlivable.

The wheels stuck in the utility trench are lower than the set on the other side so the home isn’t on the level.

“I’ve got my life wrapped up in this trailer, but I can’t live in it because it’s not set up to where I can hook up the utilities and water,” said Fratt.

So how did delivery go off the rails? Harold says the semi got stuck in the mud, so his neighbor volunteered to pull it out. But the delivery team suggested and guided the neighbor to set the mobile home when it slid off the pad.

Jim Skinner, a neighbor, “I don’t want this liability on me if something goes wrong. I’m just a good neighbor trying to help. They need to finish this in a workmanship like manner.”

To check the condition inside Harold says the delivery company told him to sign for the key.

“And once I signed for it, now it’s all on me, I did not know that,” said Fratt.

A representative of Pinnacle Transportation from Colorado said, “I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to answer questions because this is an issue with Harold.”

“I just want to get into my house and live my dream, instead I’m living a nightmare,” said Fratt.

Harold Fratt says he wants an experienced crew to set the house, but other mobile home delivery services have bid thousands of dollars. The manufacturer says he’ll try to help but delivery is contracted out so that’s not their responsibility.

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