Douglas County Commissioners say CARES Act money for mortgages and rent is complicated

Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 3:40 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The last Douglas County Commissioners meeting of 2020 was very heated.

The big topic was the CARES Act money and what to do with the funds that were not spent at the end of last year.

Douglas County Commissioner Mike Boyle said, “I talked to Jim Cavanaugh and we’re going to make a presentation to the county board that’s on the agenda. I believe we’re asking for two million dollars of what was left over from the rental assistance, that we turn that into rental assistance again. This time giving it to some agencies here in Omaha that do that, we’re not going to do it ourselves.”

There are people in the county who would like to see COVID-related mortgage assistance for renters, some county board members say dealing with mortgages is just too complicated.

Dr. John Else from New Life Family Alliance said, “I’ve worked in poverty issues my entire career of 50 years and I’ve never experienced the kind of devastation these families have and I think that’s true for all the families affected by COVID.”

There is a resolution that calls for allocating funds from the general fund reserve for rental and mortgage assistance.

Dr. Else says there is more money that should go to help people who need help with their mortgages as well as rent.

Commissioner Boyle plans to introduce a resolution that would rescind last year’s vote that allocated 10 million dollars to the Justice Center Project.

On tomorrow’s agenda, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will consider whether Douglas County should apply for the 2021 CARES Act rental and utility assistance funds.

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