Rental car payment dispute frustrated customers at Hyundai dealership

Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 7:05 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Caught in the middle, that’s what four vehicle owners say about a payment dispute between a former car dealer and a rental car company.

A Christmas Eve message was far from a holiday greeting for Alan and Reta Nowatzke.

An Enterprise representative says a four-month-old rental car bill in their name didn’t get paid by Todd Archer Hyundai during a motor replacement covered by warranty.

“Todd has treated us really well as far as we are, but this is something we just happen to be in the middle of, and I kind of feel like we’re being used as a pawn,” said Reta.

Sue Bidroski got the same Enterprise voice message.

The voice mail, “What that means for you is you will be placed in our do not rent list and be unable to rent until that is paid.”

“To give me a call on Christmas Eve with that kind of news was very upsetting and kind of ruined my day for a while,” said Sue.

Four customers, I talked to received rental cars during warranty work at Todd Archer Hyundai.

They feel like they’re caught in the middle of a three-way dispute between a car manufacturer, car dealer, and car rental company.

Enterprise sent 6 News an email stating activating charges on these customers was a program error. All customers have been removed from responsibility for payment and no more invoices will be sent to them.

Todd Archer who sold the Hyundai dealership in September tells me the delay in receiving payment from the manufacturer who pays rental expenses during warranty work is frustrating for him. Archer says he understands the overdue bill causing enterprise frustration and he asked the manufacturer to expedite payment.

“I don’t care who it is because I don’t know how their companies work, but just that it’s taken care of and we don’t have a bill on it,” said Reta.

Reta says that’s putting customers first and not in the middle.

We’re waiting on a response from Hyundai to the claim by the former dealer that the manufacturer owes him money. However, Hyundai promised to review all the rental car bills sent to the four customers we know about.

Todd Archer estimates fifteen customers may have received payment notices from Enterprise.

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