Neb. widow fights for refund from contractor that refuses to finish project

Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 10:51 AM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The holidays are difficult enough for a Nebraska widow. Now she’s worried about losing a lot of money by paying twice on a major remodeling project.

She got two mostly finished new closets, but Patty Wilson says a contractor left her hanging on most of her remodeling project.

Patty Wilson, the homeowner said, “$3,900 is what they owe me back.”

For a loft widow and two egress windows that she made a down payment on to JM Flooring Systems of Omaha in July.

“I’ve given you money to do this job and you signed a contract to do it and now you won’t come,” said Wilson.

The contractor didn’t return claiming the 73-year-old widow was verbally abusive.

“If he didn’t want to do the job because I did get frustrated with him that’s fine. Just give me my money back and I’ll hire somebody else. It’s simple,” said Wilson.

But complicated by how much the contractor is willing to repay so the better business bureau is mediating.

Jim Hegarty with the Better Business Bureau said, “Yeah I think the company is indicating that they are willing to make a refund. I think they need to assess the value of the work that’s been completed, and it would appear that they’re going to refund the balance.”

Wanting to downsize, Wilson plans to put her lakefront home on the market and she now has egress windows for the basement bedrooms that will help the sale.

But she had to hire another contractor to do the job for an additional $8,000 which was an unexpected expense around the holidays.

Wilson wants a full refund on contracted work not done by JM Flooring Systems.

“To pay for the work I’ve had to have done by another contractor because all those bills are coming in,” said Wilson.

A double cost project left Christmas less merry, but Patty Wilson hopes the Better Business Bureau can mediate a refund that makes for a happier start to The New Year.

The Better Business Bureau has been giving companies more time to respond to complaints because of the pandemic. Then it acts as a neutral third party to try and resolve disputes.

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