Omaha-area holiday pageants adjust to accommodate COVID-19 precautions

Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 6:15 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Schools and churches are scaling back on big performances this holiday season because of the coronavirus, but some are still finding a way to celebrate.

“I know a lot of churches have had their Christmas programs canceled altogether,” said Kolterman.

Anna Kolterman is the director of liturgy and worship at Saint Patrick’s Church in Elkhorn. She says things will be different this year for holiday programs at the church.

“The children’s program is one of the highlights of Christmas and we are not going to have that singing children’s program like we usually do. We’ll have 50 or more kids singing and in our school more than that so we’re not able to do that this year.”

Anna says the church is finding creative ways to hold some festivities without endangering anyone.

“We usually have a concert and we won’t be able to have that in our church this year but we’re doing the concert anyway it’s going to be on video and our parishioners will have access to that,” said Kolterman.

Anna says families will provide much of the music for this year’s Christmas program...smaller groups that can be socially distanced. There are also plans for a drive-through live nativity on December 20th.

“Families will get to drive through our campus and stop at different stations that tells the story of the journey to Bethlehem so there will be some live caroling in that event,” said Kolterman. “Parents love to come to the school and we want that but it’s not something we’re able to do right now, so we have to do it remotely.”

The Millard school district and other area districts are also making adjustments to allow some type of holiday observances, some for the kids and some to share with parents. There are many family activities posted on school websites.

“It’s different but it works it still gives parents a window into the schools,” said Kleeman.

Rebecca Kleeman says several Millard teachers are banding together tonight to do some on-line readings for the kids.

As for concerts, many of those will be recorded at school and parents can access them online as well.

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