Nugent: Numbers don’t lie, Scott Frost on the real cost of a Huskers mistake

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 9:08 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - We all know how much a five dollar footlong costs and a burger off the dollar menu, but what about hidden costs on the football field? It’s not as clear, right? What is the actual cost of a mistake, the ones the Huskers commit?

Scott Frost does, here’s what he says, “We did a study this week, our drives where we don’t have a penalty, a bad snap or a turnover, we scored on over 90 percent of those drives.”

To repeat, 90 percent!

That’s a massive price, easily the difference between winning and losing. We can put it into even more real terms. This season the Huskers have scored ten offensive touchdowns and kicked nine field goals. Basically 50-50 on how they score, to keep that intact we will say their scoring possessions are worth an average of five points. Right in the middle of a touchdown and a field goal.

In terms of the Iowa game Friday where the Huskers had ten possessions if they score on 90 percent of them, Nebraska puts 45 on the board. Plenty of points to win.

It is unrealistic to expect a team to play penalty free, that’s rare, so maybe bring that down a bit, but you get the point. These mistakes cost them wins, wins against Northwestern and Iowa. Ohio State scored 52, Illinois scored 41. Granted in both of those games Nebraska turnovers allowed the opposition to rack up that many points, there is an argument to be made, without the mistakes this team could be undefeated or close to it.

We’ll be curious to see this week at Purdue now that the team has this information, will it make an impact.

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