Nugent: A bad season is the last the last thing the program needs, could damage belief

Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Luke McCaffrey #7
Nebraska FB vs Illinois
Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Luke McCaffrey #7 Nebraska FB vs Illinois Nebraska Football Nebraska Athletics Communications Office (Nebraska Athletics Communications Office | Nebraska Athletics Communication)
Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 10:44 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s hard to believe in something you don’t see. Teams that successfully pull off a rebuild believe they will reach the destination and they believe in the journey. It’s all about belief because you can’t get there without putting in the work that reflects the destination. In other words, you have to work like your playing for a Big Ten title when you’re actually fighting to be bowl eligible. It takes buy in.

That’s where this program is, there is evidence of belief, there are several players delivering but is it enough? Are the mistakes and errors from the offense evidence of a lack of a commitment, a lack of belief or simply a result of a young team? The offensive line penalties against Northwestern were a result of a savvy defensive front yelling fake calls. On the other side, when receivers say they didn’t do everything they could in practice last week, it feels like a lack of commitment. At the least, the level of commitment needs to match what it takes to win a Big Ten title, that’s the standard and long term goal. That’s what Scott Frost said after the game against Illinois, not in those exact words though.

Here’s his quote “the results are going to come when their expectations and effort are aligned.” Simply put, you win games with a winning effort.

Back to belief, this program needs it. In a weird way the belief might have been too strong after the Penn State win. We’re going to find out. Some of the Huskers might have thought they figured it and they were good to go. That actually is a good scenario because it’s not a belief problem.

If we see this team play Iowa like it played Penn State it will show the belief is strong. Belief in a lot of ways carries a team through an offseason and that my friends isn’t far away.

Another one from Scott Frost, “We’re playing three games against three good opponents, we’re going to take our swing, there’s no doubt the improvements are being made, it’s gotta show up on the football field, and we gotta catch the momentum.”

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