Nugent: Factors to consider as Scott Frost has the quarterbacks iron it out in practice

Pregame routine
Pregame routine(Ohio State Athletics)
Published: Nov. 9, 2020 at 7:58 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - If you want to see more of number seven at quarterback you’re not alone. Now that Scott Frost says the starter will earn the job in practice this week, that might happen.

There’s a lot to like about the spark Luke McCaffrey brings this team, that’s exactly why his number was called late in the third quarter, to ignite a comeback following the Adrian Martinez Interception in the endzone. If Luke is named the starter can he still provide a spark? Maybe spark the program opposed to a comeback.

At this point, it feels like giving this team something to believe in might be just what it needs. Could help everyone else lock in on what they need to do, a fresh start.

On the flip side, everything offensively that’s wrong still needs to be fixed regardless of who starts against Penn State. The penalties, the lack of experience at receiver, the missed blocking assignments and the red zone issues. Kade Warner is working with the new receivers, he also says there will be a larger focus on the red zone offense this week. Frost says the ball needs to come out quicker. Part of that is on the quarterback, there’s also more, the receivers. A unit that is probably the Huskers weakest. The team is 98th in the country in passing offense.

In a way, the Adrian Martinez interception in the endzone was a massive blow because this team simply doesn’t have a large margin of error. That’s what Scott said. If it was stronger around Adrian that pick might not have been a difference maker against a team like Northwestern. Nebraska felt like it was better, it certainly had a ton more yards and twice as many first downs. More evidence stats are for losers, but it shows you there are positives, there is growth.

Consider complementary football, the defense helping the offense. Scott Frost today said they haven’t been operating as fast as they can on offense because that puts the defense in a tough spot. Before they blink they’re going back out on the field. With the way the defense is performing the Huskers are feeling better about picking up the pace on offense. Which is a weapon that can help both quarterbacks.

However it turns out this week, the quarterback is only one player. If the other mistakes continue to happen, that’s going to continue to put the offense in predictable situations. Everybody needs to be better plain and simple. You’ve heard it before and it probably applies here, quarterbacks tend to receive too much of the credit for wins and too much of the blame for loses.

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