Scott Frost and the Huskers on the ugly past and the future following Monday’s practice

Nebraska at Northwestern
Nebraska at Northwestern(Northwestern Athletics)
Published: Nov. 9, 2020 at 1:26 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Scott Frost doesn’t have any announcements to make on a starting quarterback against Penn State. He did say they need to get the ball out quicker. Also the Huskers are using several new receivers and many of them don’t know the entire playbook yet. That goes back to not being available in camp. The reason for that has not been shared.

As far as making this decision between Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey, Scott Frost says quarterback is not different than any other position on the team, whoever practices the best will play.

The Huskers are fighting multiple issues on offense, penalties, missed assignments, not capitalizing deep in opponent territory and a lack of experience at receiver. The first three are all correctable this week, despite not being new problems for the program. The last one ties into a lack of game experience and a lack of preparation among those young receivers in camp.

Despite the bad performance the belief is still strong for this team. Collin Miller says there aren’t any heads down, nobody is dwelling on it and the Huskers are ready to work.

Kade Warner echoes the same sentiment adding Adrian Martinez came over to his place last night, they talked about the game and Adrian’s mistakes. It’s now behind them because Adrian can execute all the plays that were missed against Northwestern. It’s a matter of making the corrections in practice.

As far as the lack of production inside the red zone, or even inside the 30 yard line, Nebraska had four empty trips inside the 30 last week, Kade says they need to work on their anticipation. Together the receivers and quarterbacks need figure that out. He says they’ll add new plays and spend more time in practice on red zone work. Kade believes they will be better.

Miller also makes this point, one win can turn this around. Ben Stille says it’s crucial to beat Penn State, adding winning is contagious. In a short season each of these games are more significant, the season will be judged on a smaller sample size.

The Cornhuskers will play at home for the first time, Stille says he will miss the electricity and atmosphere, especially as a senior. Which might also mean he’s planning on making this his final year even though the 2020 season will not count toward a year of eligibility.

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