Clarkson College sees rise in nurse enrollment as pandemic creates demand

More nurses will be needed to help maintain hospital capacity across Nebraska.
Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 9:38 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - More nurses will be needed to help maintain hospital capacity across Nebraska.

The state’s chief medical officer Dr. Gary Anthone says we will soon rely on out-of-state nurses.

Dr. James Hauschildt, president of Clarkson College says the pandemic has inspired students to get into the health care field.

Over the past year, enrollment at the healthcare institution has increased significantly.

“We’ve actually seen increases just under 10 percent this fall,” Hauschildt said. He added there is no doubt there’s a high degree of need for professionals.

“Because of the aging population, because of the regulatory and governmental changes in healthcare delivery and the way that healthcare is financed. So we’ve incorporated all of that into a curriculum so that we’re really preparing the best professionals,” he said.

Clarkson College says nearly 1,200 students enrolled this year.

That’s a significant increase of 67 students over last year.

Meanwhile, Anthone says more nurses will prevent Nebraska’s hospitals from being overwhelmed

“I’ve gone to several hospitals, talked to several nurses, physicians, staff—and I know how tired they’re getting, so hopefully with a staff increase we can help them out," Anthone said.

While they’re being trained, out-of-state nurses will soon help staff short-handed hospitals.

Even though the need is critical, students at Clarkson College will not be rushed into the workforce.

There is no shortcut to the real world for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The school’s president says regardless of COVID-19, Clarkson College is trying to meet the needs of the community by increasing enrollment.

Clarkson college says it has accelerated programs, but students still spend a year and a half learning how to treat patients.

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