Omaha’s Keystone Little League baseball complex damaged by vandals

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 3:49 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - For more than 50 years the Keystone Little League has provided a baseball league for hundreds of youngsters.

A couple days ago someone vandalized the baseball complex. Keystone officials say they are all about finding positive things for kids to do, and they are sure they can find something positive for the vandals to get into.

Keystone Little League President Trent Wulf surveyed the damage caused by vandals early Sunday morning. Wulf is hoping he can fix and not have to replace a section of bleachers that were damaged.

“Hopefully, we can find someone to rebend the metal reweld fix some of the tops and rebuild them back cause these little sections aren’t cheap,” Wulf said.

Wulf says there was other damage done to the complex. Some of the bases are missing and some of the foul poles were broken off.

It’s been a tough year for keystone baseball. And this vandalism made it even tougher.

“As we’re trying to clean up and get ready for the winter this is the last thing we need. Asking volunteers to give more time and then trying to find money to fix and recover stuff that was broken,” Wulf said.

Wulf says surveillance cameras did capture pictures of a group of youngsters who he thinks might have been involved in the damage done to the complex.

Keystone officials don’t want the troublemakers to get into legal trouble, but they do want them to learn from their mistakes.

“Kind of hoping to see if we can get some names and at least maybe get those kids out here to do some volunteer work to take care of what they did down here,” he said.

Now the all-volunteer Keystone Little League will have to look for donations and lean on those volunteers to help make repairs.

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