Old storage unit bill dispute threatens Omaha woman’s credit

Published: Oct. 7, 2020 at 10:36 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A shock comes in the mail for an Omaha customer years after settling-up on a lease. The concern isn’t just about disputing back rent but the effects on credit for the future.

It’s been four years since Kylie Davis packed up her things and moved them out of Dino’s Storage Unit. She left it clean in 2016 and a manager inspected.

Kylie Davis, former renter said, “He just said looks good and I just said so I’m good to go? And he said yeah you’re good.”

Kylie got notified she owed $336 in storage fees for three months after she moved her belongings out in July 2016.

“I thought it was a done deal and you get a bill four years later saying you owe someone money that’s not right. Especially since you haven’t heard from them in four years,” said Davis.

Then Kylie received notice from a collection agency giving her 30 days to dispute the $336 bill.

her concern was not only disputing a surprise bill for a storage unit she cleaned out and turned back over in 2016, but no wits went to collections that could be a thorn in her credit for years to come.

The Omaha based debt collector says if it doesn’t look right, I’m not going to go after it. So, then I called Dino’s Storage headquarters.

After the call, Dino’s dropped the bill.

Dino’s CEO Dave Paladino tells me somebody just didn’t put it in the system when she moved out. He says Kylie was a good tenant, so we took her on face value, and she doesn’t have to pay the bill.

“All my future purchases I won’t have to worry about anything negative being on my report,” said Davis.

So, Kylie can store up good credit now that a four-year-old storage unit bill has been dropped.

Dino’s CEO says the company billing system is being updated so there’s an effort to collect outstanding rent still on the books. However, he says if former storage unit renters make a legitimate claim that they were all paid up he’ll take their word for it and stop any collection action.

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