Unfinished project troubles senior, trade company

Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 10:15 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A widow poured her heart and money into a unique project. A middleman company recommended a contractor to do a lot of the work, but little has been done.

A special name.

Margo Schmiesing said, “Chateau on The Lake.”

For a special place.

Margo Schmiesing has been shedding tears instead, instead of creating laughter and memories.

“He took my money, and he took the promise that he left, and he just walked out.”

The widow paid a flooring contractor $2,500 down in mid-August with the job started followed by many excuses and no work completed.

Not only did the tile contractor leave without finishing the job, but he also pulled out the working toilet, and here it sits.

His phone disconnected; contractor Kevin Osborne texted after we found him using another.

Osborne claims, “I have a series of unfortunate events including being displaced from my home due to a fire. She can expect I will get the work done as promised I hope this week.”

Margo said, “He had an obligation to complete the work he signed up for.”

A barter-based middleman recommended the contractor to the senior citizen because of his good reviews and referrals. But Itex has since kicked Kevin Osborne out of the program.

Terri Smieja, Itex owner said, “Oh you can’t imagine how disappointing, because Margo is an older client, so we are very careful when we are dealing with the older customers who we are dealing with.”

The company owner says she’ll also educate senior citizen clients to not give too much money upfront and help Margo find someone more reliable.

“Just come do the work,” said Margo.

The barter and trade company says that in 23 years this is the first issue with completion of an agreement. From now it will run background checks on companies using the service rather than rely solely on referrals and reviews.

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