Sarpy County Election Commission adds ballot dropboxes for voters' convenience

Published: Sep. 25, 2020 at 3:29 PM CDT
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PAPILLION, Neb. (WOWT) - Dealing with a record number of early voting requests, officials with the Sarpy County Election Commission had to make a couple of additions so collecting all those ballots is a little easier for voters.

This year they have more early ballots than ever to mail to voters.

“For this general election, we have so far 46,000 people request absentee ballots. Generally, for a presidential election we have seen in the past maybe 7,000 or 8,000 up to 15,000 or so,” said Sarpy County Election Commissioner Michelle Andahl.

To make it more convenient for voters to get those ballots back to the election commissioners office, Sarpy County officials have added two drop box locations.

There are now a total of six dropbox locations in Sarpy County.

One new dropbox is located on the northwest end of the La Vista Police Department parking lot.

People who live in the area say the new ballot drop box location saves them a long trip.

“Yeah, I think it’s convenient -- easy to do, drop it off,” said Sarpy County voter Darlene Belitz. “We usually go in-person but I think it’s convenient to do the dropbox with no lines.”

Nelson Torraca plans to vote early and says the new dropbox closer to his home saves him time and keeps him safe.

“We’ve always gone in-person right here by the library and we’ve never had a problem as far as lines or anything. But now they’re talking about possible lines and with the COVID, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Torraca said.

Officials in Sarpy County say there might be other reasons why more Sarpy County voters decided to fill out their ballots at home this year.

“There are quite a few initiatives on the ballot this year and when people vote from home they have the opportunity to take those ballots, sit at their table and research what it is that they’re voting on,” Andahl said.

Officials say when Sarpy County voters return their ballots, they won’t stay in the drop boxes for long.

“When ballots start getting mailed out on Monday the 28th, the next day we start checking the boxes every single day to get those ballots that are returned back into our office and secured,” Andahl explained.

There are other voters who say they don’t mind the dropboxes as long as they are monitored.

The other new dropbox is located in Springfield, while dropboxes have also been placed in Bellevue, Papillion and Gretna.

If you need more information call the Sarpy County Election Commission at 402-593-2167 or visit their website here.

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