Clean up dispute caused over third-offense neighborhood eyesore

Published: Sep. 25, 2020 at 11:06 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Heated moments in a south-central Omaha neighborhood Thursday. The confrontation occurred during the city clean up of a messy property.

New complaints about a lingering eyesore spurred a city code enforcer to cleanup a junk-filled property. But it’s not a welcome surprise for Mike Elliot whose mother is the listed owner.

“Hey get the f.. Off my property,” said Elliot.

While trying to call other authorities and complain about the court-ordered search warrant Elliot stands in the way.

For about two minutes the property owner blocks the city loader from backing out with a bucket full.

“The stuff they’re throwing away mike its good stuff, it’s not just trash,” said Elliot.

But city code enforcement disagrees, and an Omaha Police officer deescalates the standoff by persuading Elliot to let the crews finish the cleanup.

Though highly agitated at first, Elliott seemed to calm down some, this is not the first-time city crews have cleaned up his property. It’s the third time in about three years.

A neighbor up the street sees both sides.

“I guess it’s his property, but it was a little messy at times. I guess it’s not good for the neighborhood,” said Dan Donovan, a neighbor.

Elliot claimed to be cleaning up before city crews arrived.

“You know a couple of more days and it would have been done that’s all I needed. Me and my friends busted our ass this weekend,” said Elliot.

Code enforcement says Elliott got a violation and cleanup order 10 months ago and his appeal was denied. COVID delayed city action until now after new complaints about junk.

Little has been left behind by the city after the debris is removed, a car and camper towed away. Even Boo, the guard dog we met last week put in the care of the Humane Society during the cleanup.

“He’ll be alright he’ll be alright I’m not worried about him,” said Elliot.

And the city said it would be alright for Elliot to keep his pickup and trailer if he properly disposed of the items that filled both.

About a dozen city workers were involved in the cleanup using three dump trucks and a large and small loader. The property owner will be billed for about four hours of work with a $300 penalty tacked on because it’s the third time.

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