Omaha mother waits on tax refund for over 7 months

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 4:56 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - As COVID restrictions ease in many places across the country, one metro taxpayer wonders if that includes the internal revenue service.

As first-grader, Declan Sealock will master the alphabet in school, but his mom’s daily emphasis has been on just three letters IRS.

“It’s very frustrating because not only do I need my tax refund but the stimulus,” said Tiffany Sealock.

Tiffany filed February 10th and she’s received notice her return is still being processed.

“They said the stimulus is being held up until my refund is released,” said Sealock.

So, seven months later she has yet to receive a more than five-thousand-dollar federal tax refund.

“In June when I talked to the representative of the IRS, they told me I should receive it no later than August. And here August has come and gone and still nothing,” said Sealock.

And Tiffany says three months ago is the last time she talked to an IRS representative.

After 6 News contacted Congressman Don Bacon’s office Tiffany’s case is being forwarded to the head of taxpayer advocates. She’s not alone getting help with late a refund.

“We have 58 cases of something similar and we’ve been working through the IRS on all 58. They’ve now closed on 20 of the cases but it’s unacceptable. So, every week to two weeks we go back to the IRS with our list and say where you at with this person, where you at with that person.”

Tiffany knows COVID caused IRS staffing issues and refund delays, but she says seven months and counting is too long to wait.

“I’ve had to borrow from friends and family to get by,” said Sealock.

An IRS spokesman emailed that he can’t comment on individual taxpayer cases. He says the IRS operations page shows that certain services continue to be extremely limited.

Congressman bacon says the IRS has at least a three-month backlog of tax filings and refunds.

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