Spin Scooters gives update on second trial program in Omaha

Spin Scooters says ridership is up this summer
Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 5:58 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The second electric scooter program in the Metro is almost halfway done.

“We’ve seen a lot of good rides. A lot of activity through the end of July because we had a late start. All through August was great activity. More than we’ve seen in the previous summer," Vince Rukstalis, the Operations Manager for Spin Scooters, said.

Rukstalis said compared to last year people are riding for longer periods of time.

“The average length of the ride increased to about 19 to 20 minutes versus last year you know it was you know 14 to 15," he added.

Some riders said the scooters are convenient.

“I just live up the street and it’s really quick and easy way to get around and it’s pretty inexpensive," Jonathan Sandquist said.

Throughout the week about 400 to 500 scooters are spread throughout the metro.

“On the weekends we’ll peak out at six. Um we wanted to try to get up to 700. Um...that’s challenging," Rukstalis added.

Rukstalis said the scooters still go back to the warehouse for regular maintenance and cleaning.

There are some reports of bad parking jobs. Riders are asked to take a picture of the scooter when their ride has ended. A staff member of Spin Scooters will give riders feedback on their parking jobs.

Overall, Rukstalis said people are using the scooters in a safe and responsible way.

“I recall one instance where we received through the company some feedback that someone had fallen off a scooter. Um thankfully it wasn’t a serious injury," he explained.

Omaha Police said they have not cited anyone for breaking the rules while on a scooter, and they do not have any reports of injuries. CHI Health and Nebraska Medicine also said they are not tracking any scooter related injuries.

Those who do ride the scooters said they hope to see them return next year.

“They’re pretty fun. They’re pretty safe too. There’s a big wide base on the bottom so even if you had big feet like you’re not going to fall off," Sandquist added.

The second trial is expected to end November 20th. It could end sooner depending on winter weather.

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