CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Illegal dumping in Omaha neighborhood

Published: Aug. 28, 2020 at 4:57 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A disgusting display of littering was caught on video. A man is caught dumping garbage in the middle of the street.

Neighbors near 42nd and Parker streets say it reflects poorly on the area.

“Got her this morning and there was a bunch of trash in the middle of the street. I checked the cameras, and someone pulled up in the middle of the street and just emptied the back of their truck.”

This happened at 9:05 a.m. Friday. The man then drove off, dragging trash and garbage down the street.

“And that kind of like happens often. It’s just disappointing to see because a lot of the businesses around here are trying to keep it clean, and they just want to develop the neighborhood, and so it’s just kind of sad to see,” said Melanie, a resident in the neighborhood. “They didn’t care at all…they just dumped their truck and drove away. And I know a lot of people were walking their dogs and they weren’t happy, and they were super disappointed.”

John and Emma Hill were visiting relatives in the area when they drove up on the garbage-filled street.

“For somebody to just dump trash anywhere when they could have taken it to the dump,” John said.

“It ain’t the people that live here it’s the people that come in. That’s what that is the people that come in,” Emma said.

Another neighbor told 6 News that wood was dumped here last weekend; so for some, this appears to be quickly becoming a favored spot for illegal dumping.

Looking at the video of Friday’s incident one more time, the illegal dumpers are getting more brazen by disposing of their garbage in broad daylight.

Melanie said she just wants to see it stopped with repercussions for those who insist on dumping their trash in this fashion.

“I feel like he should be held responsible for it so people don’t do it because there’s a lot of people in this neighborhood that are trying to keep their houses clean and pick up the trash,” she said. “I’ve walked around and picked up trash and it’s just kind of sad to see, I feel like he should be held responsible…we want to make the city look nice.”

Melanie says police have been informed and told her there’s nothing they can do without a license plate.

Anyone with any information on this driver or his vehicle is asked to contact Omaha Police.

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