Omaha woman warns of health risks related to possible USPS slowdown

Politics aside, there are serious problems created if and when the post office has to reduce services.
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 10:25 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Politics aside, there are serious problems created if and when the post office has to reduce services.

One Omaha woman says slowdowns in the mail service could be fatal for many vulnerable Americans.

Lorraine Touray discovered she had breast cancer two years ago.

“I had the surgery...I had a lumpectomy before the radiation,” said Touray.

Now she takes medication daily.

“I get my meds through the if I don’t take that Metrosal and if I don’t take that Metrosal then the cancer can pop back up,” said Touray.

And there's more...

“I’ve had a lot of blood clots in the past. If I don’t take that Zerelto that I’m taking for the blood clots. If I don’t take that for one day then the blood clots can come back in one day,” said Touray.

Lorraine says she could go to pick up her meds, but...

“I depend on the mail for my medications because some days I don’t feel good enough to go get the medicines,” said Touray.

Despite her personal concerns, Lorraine is worried about the people she cared for.

Lorraine spent 20 years working as a nurse at the veterans’ hospital. She knows that sometimes vets need to be monitored to make sure they even take their medications.

“Now if the mail doesn’t come and the veterans don’t get their medications, they’re not going to get it. They’re not even going to go ask somebody to get their medicines they’ll just say, oh forget it,” said Touray. “I love all of my veterans that I took care of and I don’t want none of them getting hurt because they don’t get their mail delivered to them.”

Lorraine says veterans need to speak out about any changes with mail delivery.

“The veterans better stand up and not let this happen. The veterans are usually used to taking orders and don’t complain, but the veterans better stand up and say something because their lives are at stake behind this,” said Touray.

But it's not just veterans Lorraine is concerned about. Some have no other option than to receive their meds by mail.

“A lot of people can’t get out and get their medicines...they have nobody to take them to get them,” said Touray.

Lorraine says she’s not a political person and usually doesn’t say much about politics, but she felt compelled to speak out when she realized veterans and others unable to physically go and get their medications, could be impacted the most.

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