Omaha resident has close call with vacant lot’s falling tree limbs

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 9:25 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - As trees and limbs came crashing down across the metro during Monday’s storm, one homeowner had a close call but remains worried it could happen again.

Near 41st and Decatur Streets, Kathleen Glover was left shaken but not surprised by the fast-moving storm.

“I knew the minute I heard that big ole crack, it had to be one of these trees,” she said.

Dangerous cottonwoods stand on the vacant lot next door and two years ago falling branches damaged her home. Then Monday’s near-miss left her feeling lucky -- and angry.

“If you can’t be responsible then stop buying lots because it’s not fair to the person that’s got a house in between or a house on the side,” she said.

Three years ago, the city sent violation notices to the property owner Orchard Hill Neighborhood Association which led to tree trimming but not removal.

Nancy Mammel said she didn’t know about the city orders or the mess left in Kathleen’s yard Monday.

“I want this cleaned up, and I want my front yard restored the way it was,” Kathleen said.

Mammel says “I definitely will take care of it” with a yard crew scheduled for cleanup Wednesday and she’s looking for a tree service to cut the large limbs and remove the danger. For Kathleen, that will ease half her worries.

Kathleen and her family of three are caught in the middle of two vacant lots with dangerous trees.

The one on the other side where the big branch fell and two dead ones.

The city also has sent a violation notice to the other lot owner, Tammy Hare. With dangerous trees on both sides of her house, Kathleen says it’s cut the odds.

“I was lucky this time, I was in God’s hands. Next time I might not be so lucky,” she said.

Attempts to reach Hare for comment were not successful. But after eliminating the tree hazard on her property, Mammel hopes to redevelop the land.

The Mammel Foundation purchased a dozen empty lots with plans to revitalize the neighborhood.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly indicated the ownership of the lots. 6 News regrets the error.

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