Omaha woman’s graduation party postponed after contractor leaves mess

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 7:25 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A high school graduation party had to be postponed but not because of coronavirus. A contractor not only didn’t finish a patio project on time, but he left a big mess.

When she has a graduation party Kenzie Spigner wants to feel on top but not this way.

Kenzie said, “really I want to tell people not to go to the kitchen table and look out here and see this mess, it looks hideous.”

Her mother Monica paid Xtreme Remodeling and Construction $5,000 June 21st and she says contractor Bobby Pullum texted a two-week completion promise for a new patio with water feature.

Monica said, “Supposed to be a floating patio.”

The deadline missed causing a graduation party postponement.

“I just started crying and told her I’m so sorry I was trying to have a party for you but this contractor has taken my money, is not returning my phone calls and I have no confidence our yard is going to be in position,” said Monica.

Contractor Pullum didn’t return my messages but Monica received a text from his number saying in part, “I issued you a refund check today minus the cost of a door and smaller items. I don’t want to hold up your project any further, my apologies.”

Monica said, “So I’m going to have to pay somebody to clean this up and trying to figure out how many tons of cement it is.”

The contractor left behind a wheelbarrow, shovels, and damage.

Not only does Monica have to hire somebody to haul away heavy debris and put down a new patio, but also fix her house damaged by that contractor who is not coming back.

Xtreme Remodeling and Construction was doing business as Robert Pullum construction in 2018 when another homeowner won a $3,600 default judgment for incomplete work.

A widow, Monica hired a contractor who broke her trust but didn’t break a family’s resolve to celebrate a graduation.

Contractor Bobby Pullum didn’t specify how or when the homeowner will get the refund, but he did recommend another contractor to finish the job. The postponed graduation party is scheduled for this weekend.

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