Papillion lemonade stand adds new item to shop amid pandemic

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 12:49 PM CDT
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PAPILLION, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s a summertime staple that allows kids to flex their entrepreneurial skills; lemonade stands.

Every summer, JD Lightfoot takes to the street corner and sets up his stand.

“I pretty much started doing it when I was like around her age and just like been pretty much doing it ever since,” Lightfoot said with a point to his cousin.

Now that he’s 13 years old, JD is preparing to pass the torch next summer to his nine-year-old cousin, Evy.

It’s her first year helping out and her favorite part is giving away the lemonade.

With 2020 being what it is, the pair have made changes.

“I think it’s a safer way, like if you’re going to be selling stuff to have it more sanitized,” Lightfoot said while he wiped things down. “Like I’m a germaphobe so if I were to buy lemonade I’d prefer someone to do this too.”

But that’s not the only thing new to his curbside shop.

“This year we decided to add mask cords because ‘rona,” Lightfoot said with a laugh.

The cords come in tons of colors, Evy’s favorite is the coral one, and in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.

He made them so people don’t have to shove their mask in their pocket or set it down somewhere.

“I actually went to the store and found some parachute cords, some clips and all that and I made mask cords. That way you can just hang them right here like a lanyard,” he said pointing to his chest.

JD’s mom is an elementary school art teacher. With school starting, she thinks the cords will help kids keep their masks handy.

“I just envision, you know, getting a drink of water or maybe eating or just that break where you can get that fresh air,” Cori Lightfoot said. “And then they’re going to need, what do you do with it? Put it in your pocket, have it hanging off of your ear? And so when he was thinking why don’t you just have it hanging off of your neck, I thought that was a great idea.”

She’s very proud of her son and niece.

JD has been making the cords since the start of the pandemic.

So far they’re a popular addition to the lemonade stand.

“I see people all of the time with their mask just kind of holding, like my mask too I just have it sitting in my car,” customer Frank Laughlin said. “I could have it hanging from my neck and it be right there so I think it’s a great idea.”

JD has sold close to 300 cords. They go for $5 each.

That money combined with lemonade sales, he has big plans in the works.

“I’ll probably be saving for a car, for when I’m older so I can drive around,” JD said with a laugh.

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