West Omaha property owner upset after contractors cut down his trees

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 6:58 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A west Omaha homeowner near 144th and Shirley Streets claims a new neighbor has gone too far. But it’s not your typical property line dispute.

The neighborhood called Harvey Oaks has one less tree and property owner Jason Harre says it shouldn’t have been cut down.

“It’s well within the property line on my parcel,” Harre said.

Harre got photos of tree cutters who work for a subcontractor of applied underwriters which is developing the land north of the neighborhood.

“I understand they have to clean up their land of entry but this our property line and it’s ridiculous. They can come onto my property and cut down so many trees that have been here for so long,” he said.

Former city forester now consulting arborist Phil Pierce counted two dozen trees removed on Harre’s property. Pierce tells 6 News several were not cut properly and he saw limbs trimmed too far from the trunk.

Harre says the contractor marked the property and an oak tree is clearly his. And it shouldn’t have been confused with a nuisance volunteer tree.

Bart Emanuel, director of development for applied underwriters said their internal counsel will address this first thing this week. But Emanuel could not elaborate.

But Harre has plenty to say about what happened.

“Yes, clearly there’s a mistake made and it’s the contractor’s responsibility to make things right,” Harre said.

It’s not just part of a shady buffer Harre lost but also wildlife displaced.

“The redheaded woodpecker nest. They must have realized it when they cut down my tree and tried to rehome it,” he said.

Woody and Harre’s woods both disturbed by a subcontractor’s workers who crossed the line and he wants the developer to cut a check for the damage.

The property owner tells us tonight he’s still not heard about any settlement offer. He has a lawyer who is on the case and will prepare a lawsuit if necessary.

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