ProBLAC sees new members at Memorial Park gathering Sunday

Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 6:57 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Organizers with the Omaha group ProBLAC gathered Sunday at Memorial Park for what they say are part of weekly meetings to discuss future demonstrations.

Members of ProBLAC (Progressive Black-Led Ally Coalition) previously held a protest in Midtown on July 25, which ended with more than 100 people arrested and then being held at Douglas County Corrections.

ProBLAC, according to the organization’s website, describes itself as a Black-led intersectional movement.

The Omaha Police Officer’s Association says it encourages anyone who wants to peacefully protest to “research the group and organizer for safety before joining to be sure it will be safe and productive.”

The association says it finds it troubling organizers, including one from ProBLAC, incite groups to break laws and provoke conflict.

ProBLAC met Sunday in what they say are weekly meetings to discuss future protests.

Organizer Bear Alexander told 6 News the group has gained new members following the Midtown protest.

While the police officer’s association says groups like this break laws and create conflict, Alexander calls it ‘peaceful agitation.'

“I would look at it as peaceful agitation. I would look at that as we are not causing any harm to anybody here -- just peacefully expressing our voices and letting our voices be heard,” Alexander said.

Video from the Midtown protest shows ProBLAC and other protestors marching on Farnam Street.

That obstructed traffic and was deemed illegal since no permit was obtained to occupy the street, police said.

Anthony Conner, president of the police officer’s association, declined to comment for this story and referred to the statement released by the association.

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