OPS parents frustrated, as clock ticks down on remote-learning registration

Time is running out on OPS remote learning.
Published: Jul. 22, 2020 at 6:57 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Confused parents took to social media Wednesday as the deadline to get children signed up remote learning closed in; Omaha Public Schools shutting down registration midnight.

6 News found parents at OPS offices looking for answers about the process, and why they’re being told online enrolment is full. To be clear enrolment for the Remote Learning Program is not full. Parents have until the midnight deadline to get their children’s names in.

However, enrollment for the Omaha Virtual School is full, which has been confusing some parents.

“There were mentioning something about virtual learning and remote learning,” said Nora Chambers, who was at the OPS offices Wednesday afternoon. “I don’t know the difference between those two. there was not any answers from anyone about that.”

Virtual learning and Remote learning are two very different things. The virtual school has been around for years; it combines virtual learning with traditional classroom learning. Enrolment for it -- is full.

“I know he’s not in,” I know he’s not in said Dontae Sallis. “I just got the letter today and they told me the classes are full and right now the only option is remote learning.”

The remote learning option is of little comfort said Sallis, who’s son won’t be able to play football. Students registering for remote learning will not have access to extracurricular activities.

“Even for kids that want to do . . . debate or things like that, that’s going to be disheartening for them,” said Sallis, noting more clarity about the two different programs would have been helpful

“Be more clear about this remote learning,” said Sallis. “As you can see a lot of parents are coming in and they’re frustrated.”

For some parents the frustration more obvious than others.

“Nobody’s telling me about a deadline or anything like that,” said Chambers. “I’m going to go onto only what i was getting and see what information i can get.”

OPS told 6 News their voicemail service is set up to give people clear directions about how to reach them by email. If you are still wanting to get your child registered for the remote learning program you can email “

OPS will then contact you with more information.

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