St. Wenceslaus Catholic School takes pandemic precautions for students’ return

Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 3:51 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - When Omaha’s Catholic Schools students return to class in August, they will be in class five days a week.

Some of the larger schools had to come up with ways to keep their students safe from COVID-19.

St. Wenceslaus Catholic School, with the help of the Douglas County Health Department, believes they have a way to fight COVID-19 in the classroom.

All 900 students at St. Wenceslaus will see their teachers through plexiglass. It’s one of the safety measures the school will take to help protect students against the coronavirus.

“With the number of students that we have, it’s difficult to be able to spread out those six feet. So I called the Douglas County Health Department to say, ‘Hey, are there means by which we can shorten that distance?’” said St. Wenceslaus Principal Bill Huben.

School officials say the plexiglass should provide a barrier against the virus. Officials will use different types of protective systems: older students will use desks with chairs attached, younger students will use desks not attached to chairs.

“(The Douglas County Health Department) said any type of barrier you can create will cut down on that. We actually had one of our custodians come up with this design that we have that allows us to secure the plexiglass to the desk. When we don’t need it anymore you can ubolt it and it won’t impact the desk at all,” Huben said.

“This way we’re able to have 32 students in a classroom every day, all day. And that’s really what our parents are wanting. They’re wanting their kids back into school and be able to learn every day in the environment,” Huben said.

Desks for older students will be disinfected between classes as they change classrooms during the day.

Younger students will remain in their rooms for the entire school day and their desks will be disinfected at the end of the day.

School officials plan to have parents and volunteers to help assemble the plexiglass to the students’ desks.

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